Rectronic Technologies SM12 Supervisory Module 110V

* 1.77 Inch TFT Colour Display
* Hot Swappable
* System Voltage Metering
* Load, Rectifier and Battery Current Metering
* Battery and Room Temperature Metering and Alarms (when optional temperature sensors are fitted)
* Temperature Compensation of Float Voltage (when optional temperature sensors are fitted)
* Central System Voltage Adjustment and Control
* Automatic Voltage Control
* Periodic Equalise Charging
* Manual Equalise Charging
* Battery Current Limit
* Battery Testing facility
* Battery Capacity Remaining
* Active Rectifier Current Share
* Individual Rectifier Current Indication
* Dual Low Voltage Disconnect (standard LVD’s, expandable to four)
* AC Supply Metering and Alarms
* Multi Language Support
* USB Serial Remote Communications Interface and software upgrade
* Up to six user defined digital inputs
* SNMP, WEB Interface
* Optional Battery Symmetry Board
* Optional I/O expansion board
* 48V, 60V version available

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