Rectronic Technologies 2U Compact System (110VDC)-2

The DC Power System has a maximum power output of 5.4kW, producing a maximum
current output of 50A at 110Vdc.
The system is supplied complete with:
- Overall size is 482.6mm wide (19” standard mounting) x 89mm high (2U) x 350mm deep
- Up to 3 x rectifiers (RM18110A),
- SM12 supervisory module (supplied installed in cabinet)
- Single phase AC input circuit breaker
- Integrated DC Distribution (supplied in cabinet) consisting of:
- 2 x 63A(250VDC) and 2 x 32A(250VDC) load circuit breakers. This may be specified as different values at time of order;
- 1 x 63A/2P battery circuit breakers;
- System weight is approximately 15kg packaged, and 8kg unpacked (without rectifiers fitted).

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