Rectronic Technologies POM PDU

POM PDU provides remote manual control of the critical devices by clicking on a few buttons on the smart phone or computer webpage.Stop the problem device by cutting off the power to a specific outlet.By cycling the power off and restarting the device remotely,you save time and money by eliminating the need to send technicians to the root cause of the problem.

Managers can monitor the power usage information of each output port from the remote end through the lnternet to fully undwestand the power consumption of all the devices.Set up overload event alerts and notify managers via Email and TRAP,allowing managers to respond to crises in the shortest possible time to minimize disasters.

POM has one environmental sensor ports that track climate information: temperature and humidity environment variables.The data is available from any web browser and is SNMP-compliant for easy tracking of critical data without the use of any external software.

Provide central management software,which can manage a large number of PDU's power,temperature and humidity information.The database stores the power consumption information of the power strip and provides the history curve chart for the manager's reference.

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